005 | FAR AIM | Show Notes

#005 | Aircraft Icing (part 1 of 2) | Advisory Circular 91-74B

Thank You For Listening…

Welp the new microphone didn’t fix the crackling, but I assume if your reading this that you made it through. I can’t thank you enough for baring with us on this early part of the journey as we work the kinks out. Scott and Lee got into it about carburetor icing and applying carb heat. Maybe they will continue the conversation in part 2?

Official Post Recording Carburetor Heat Stances

For an aircraft without a carb temp gauge, don’t run carb heat at a time when the engine power is critical and apply the carb heat full on in a steady and decisive manner. It’ll run rough as it ingests ice then clears up. Then return the carb heat to full off. Repeat these steps as often as necessary while monitoring for potential carb ice indicators like a drop in RPM or Manifold pressure(on a constant speed application)

Lee Griffing

Apply carb heat before reducing power if engine sputters or runs rough apply slowly

Scott Bores

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