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#007 | Class A (Alfa) Airspace | AIM 3-2-2

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We kickoff our airspace series at the beginning of the alphabet with a discussion about what I like to call “The Gentleman’s Airspace” also known as class A or class Alfa airspace. I did promise to make an attempt to provide the 7400.11c PDF file. In a twist of events, I noticed that it has superseded to 7400.11d… so if you are interested, that thick piece of juicy legislation can be found below.

AIM 3-2-2 as of recording

a. Definition. Generally, that airspace from 18,000 feet MSL up to and including FL600, including the airspace overlying the waters within 12 nautical miles off the coast of the 48 contiguous States and Alaska; and designated international airspace beyond 12 nautical miles off the coast of the 48 contiguous States and Alaska within areas of domestic radio navigational signal or ATC radar coverage, and within which domestic procedures are applied.

b. Operating Rules and Pilot/Equipment Requirements. Unless otherwise authorized, all persons must operate their aircraft under IFR. (See 14 CFR Section 71.33 and 14 CFR Section 91.167 through 14 CFR Section 91.193.)

c. Charts. Class A airspace is not specifically charted.

AIM 3-2-2 Class A Airspace

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