Live Podcasting

Lee Griffing Flying
from left to right… Tyler Farmer, Robert Berger, Lee Griffing & Scott Bores. (Circa 2017)

We’re recording LIVE!

The plan is to bounce around on a few different live streaming platforms in 2021. Adding your email to this list will allow me to send you an email before we start a live stream (with as much notice as I can). The email will show you:

  • Where We Will Be Live Streaming The FAR AIM Podcast That Week.
  • The URL Link To Get You To The Live Stream.
  • When We Are Planning On Doing The Live Stream (Day & Time).
  • The Topic We Will Be Covering (If We Know What It Is Beforehand).
  • Any Guests That We May Be Planning On Having.

We would love to have you join us on this new format we are exploring!

All The Best,

-Robert Berger

***Don’t worry, the podcast will continue as normal through 2021… so if you’re not interested in the live component, you will still able to listen to the FAR AIM Podcast on your favorite podcast app as normal.***