Scott Bores

Scott Bores (Left) & Robert Berger (Right) Circa 1995

Scott Bores is a third generation pilot from northern Ohio. Tearing up the Lake Erie islands in his Cessna 150 since high school, he decided early on that a career as a pilot required having a mental disorder that he had somehow managed to avoid. At age 30, Scott harnessed his disdain for airplanes and created a profitable business buying up great airplanes from loving owners and then scraping them for parts.

Now completely committed to his role as an FAR AIM podcast host, he will on occasion, forego his 5:30pm bedtime for recordings. Scott Bores takes very seriously his self-imposed duty of keeping Lee’s and Rob’s love for aviation in check.

Scott now enjoys a quiet life as family man, which includes a psychotic black lab that would probably choose a career in aviation if he could.